Discharge After Surgery


Our goal is to provide quality care in a timely fashion and help you to return home as soon as you are medically ready for discharge after your surgery. We make every attempt to provide you with as much notice as possible of your discharge date so that you can make arrangements for your transportation home and for any supports that you may need after discharge.

While our normal discharge time for medical and surgical units is between 10:00 and 11:00 am, discharge may occur at any time until 10:00 pm.

Day of Discharge

Please follow these guidelines for discharge:

•Identify a family member or friend who can help transport you home.

•Review your discharge information. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your nurse before you leave.

•Fill prescriptions for medications.

Some of our surgeries and appropriate discharge instructions to manage care at home are available on a free App called CoHealth. This App can be downloaded for free on ios or android devices - please ask your nurse if your discharge instructions are available on CoHealth. *CoHealth was formerly known as DashMD.

Help Going Home

If you need help to go home after your surgery, please talk to your nurse. There are a number of community-based services that may be able to help transport and transition patients home, for a fee.

Please take all belongings with you when you are discharged. The hospital does not assume responsibility for any of your personal items.