Holter Monitors


Holter Monitors are portable devices that track your heart rhythm constantly for several days. The data it records is then analyzed by a Cardiologist.

A cardiology technologist attaches several electrodes to your chest so your heart's electrical activity can be monitored. That information is recorded by a small device that is worn on a belt or shoulder strap. At the end of the testing period, typically one to two days, you return the monitor so the data recorded can be analyzed and a report sent to your doctor. This test is available at all three Halton Healthcare hospitals.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Bring your current medications
  • No preparation required
  • For women: Please wear pants or skirt with a separate top; try to avoid wearing dresses or other one-piece garment
  • 14-Day Holter Monitor WILL require a few visits to the Cardiology Department