Heart Function Clinic


Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the requirements of the organs of the body. The heart can be either too weak, too stiff or both which prevents it from working efficiently. Many of the conditions that lead to heart failure are not reversible however there are established treatments. The Heart Function Clinic at OTMH is an outpatient program that is staffed by Cardiologists and registered nurses with advanced training in caring for patients with heart failure.

The clinic provides: 

  • Medical assessment and folow-up
  • Management of medications and other additional therapies for treatment of heart failure
  • Patient and family education about diet, lifestyle, self-monitoring, and self-assessment
  • Continued support through regular follow-up visits and telephone monitoring
Referrals to the OTMH Heart Function Clinic are directed by one of the Hospital's Cardiologists.