COVID Care @ Home

The COVID Care @ Home Program is a support program for hospitalized patients recovering from COVID-19 who have been discharged home into the community. This Program allows COVID patients to recover safely at home where they are closely monitored and provided with care and support services customized to their needs in their recovery.

Before discharge from hospital each patient meets with their healthcare team to review their care plan and to set-up enhanced support services for them at home which may include nursing, personal care workers, physiotherapy, or social work. 

Patients enrolled in the COVID Care @ Home Program use a fingertip oximeter and a self-monitoring routine to monitor their recovery. They are monitored by a Hospital Respiratory Therapist Navigator, have access to Home and Community Care services from a rehabilitative perspective, and have access to a 24/7 Access to Care Line. C.AIR, our home oxygen provider, conducts home visits to assess/reassess their needs for ongoing oxygen therapy if required. If patients require urgent medical assessment, this will be performed by C.AIR Respiratory Therapists in their homes or after-hours by Halton or Peel Community Paramedics. Medical clarification/questions are directed to the patient’s primary care provider as they continue to be the Most Responsible Provider for their patients.