Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Halton Healthcare Awarded Accreditation with Exemplary Standing

Halton Healthcare welcomed four Accreditation Canada surveyors from May 6-11, 2018 who conducted an on-site survey assessing the organization’s leadership, governance, clinical programs and services against quality and safety requirements. During their time, they visited all three hospitals and spoke with many staff members, physicians, volunteers, Board members, patient and family advisors, community partners and patients and their families. The “tracer” methodology was used during their visit which provides a comprehensive picture of how a patient moves through the organization and how services are delivered to them.

The final report, which was received on June 6, 2018, included the decision from Accreditation Canada to grant Halton Healthcare Accreditation with Exemplary Standing and noted that “Halton Healthcare Services Corporation has gone beyond the requirements of the Qmentum accreditation program and demonstrates excellence in quality improvement”. Accreditation with Exemplary Standing is the highest level of performance granted.

Halton Healthcare achieved a perfect score on meeting the 28 Required Organizational Practices (ROP), essential practices that an organization must have in place to enhance patient safety. Halton Healthcare also met 99.7% of the high priority criteria that contribute to safe, high quality care and are used to measure organizational compliance with Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum standards.

The report included feedback from the onsite survey and noted that patients, families and patient and family advisors indicated to surveyors that they felt valued, listened to and that their input was respected and acted upon. Community partners included in the survey process spoke highly of the organization as a valued, collaborative partner with open and respectful communication.

The report also acknowledged efforts to improve the quality and safety of the services offered to clients and the community; the very respectful and collaborative culture that exists at Halton Healthcare; a well-established and robust ethics program; the continuous efforts in implementing a state-of-the-art infection prevention and control program and a high functioning and fully engaged board which has provided leadership to an organization undergoing a significant period of change.

The achievement of Accreditation with Exemplary Standing is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our staff, physicians, volunteers, patient & family advisors, board members, partners, and everyone involved in helping us to achieve our vision to transform the community hospital experience and provide exemplary patient experiences, always.

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