Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Diet and Nutrition

Managing your kidney diet needs can be quite challenging. A group of Registered Dietitians specializing in Nephrology will be able to guide you in your dietary choices and will play an integral part of your health care. There is no standard “kidney diet” because every individual is different and their needs unique. Dietary advice will be given to you by a registered dietitian based on a few factors such as stage of your renal disease, laboratory results, type of treatment you are on, and presence of other medical conditions.

Always speak to your registered dietitian if you need help fining reliable nutrition information online that is specific to your individual dietary needs.

Online Links and Resources

  • The Kidney Foundation of Canada Kidney Community Kitchen – Provides recipes, meal plans, information for people living with kidney disease. Recipes chosen specifically for people living with kidney disease as well as meal plans created by dietitians.
  • Ontario Renal Network  – Renal Nutrition diet information and handouts  created by Ontario Renal Network in collaboration with Renal Dietitians in Ontario.
  • Spice it up!  - "Giving zest to your renal diet” is a recipe book series for dialysis patients and their friends and families. Kidney-friendly recipes and articles compiled by licensed renal dietitians.‚Äč
  • BC Renal Agency - Contains a nine-part video series about healthy food choices for people with kidney disease. 
  • DaVita - Online resource for information on dialysis and chronic kidney disease.  Recipes and information for people on kidney diets.

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