Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Fracture Clinic

The Fracture Clinic operates at all three Hospitals to serve the needs of patients with orthopaedic injuries or problems. Patients are referred to the clinic either through their family physician or following treatment in the Emergency Department.

The visit time varies according to the type of treatment and related tests or x-rays.

Factors such as the volume of patients requiring care, emergency cases and room availability will determine your overall length of stay.

Some of the items that are recommended in the clinic such as fibreglass casts, splints and crutches are chargeable.

Please do not hesitate to discuss this with the clinic staff.

Please note there is no charge for plaster casts.


  • Cancellation of same day appointments ONLY can be made at 905-845-2571 ext. 3193
  • Rebooking of appointments must be made through your surgeon’s office.  Rescheduling of appointments cannot be made at this number.

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