Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Patient Relations

At Halton Healthcare we are committed to delivering exemplary patient experiences. We recognize that sometimes patients and their families may have concerns. Our Patient Relations Advisors are here to help.

What is Patient Relations?

Patient Relations is an impartial service that:

  • Helps patients and their families resolve concerns they may have about one of our hospitals
  • Provides information about hospital policies, procedures and processes
  • Shares your complimentary feedback with staff

What is a Patient Relations Advisor?

Patient Relations Advisors help patients and their families communicate effectively with hospital staff and help resolve concerns.

Who can contact a Patient Relations Advisor?

All patients of Halton Healthcare can access a Patient Relations Advisor, regardless of the hospital in which you were treated or the type of care you received.

When should I contact a Patient Relations Advisor?

If you have concerns, we encourage you to first speak to your nurse, clinical resource nurse or doctor. If you’re not satisfied with the response (or if they’re not available), ask to speak to the Patient Care Manager. You can also speak to any hospital staff member and to his/her Department Head (if the staff member isn’t available or if you’re not satisfied with the response you receive).

If your concerns remain unresolved, please contact Patient Relations.

What can a Patient Relations Advisor do for me?

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Recommend steps to address your concerns
  • Forward enquiries, concerns and feedback to the appropriate hospital staff
  • Tell you what actions have been taken to respond to your feedback
  • Ensures that the information you provide is kept confidential
  • Explain the hospital’s rules, policies and procedures
  • Share your compliments with staff
  • Identify trends and take action to improve the quality of care and service

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