Virtual Visiting Program

This is available for patients and their loved ones seven (7) days a week between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm to receive assistance with connecting over the internet. Patients and loved ones can request to connect by completing the form below. Where possible, please provide 24 hours' notice. For assistance in submitting a request, please call the Virtual Visiting hotline at 905-338-4615.

The availability of virtual visits may be limited by demand, patients’ ability to interact, or the clinical condition of patients at the hospital.

Halton Healthcare is committed to protecting the privacy of our patients and staff. When using Skype, FaceTime or similar options to connect with your loved one, we ask that you respect those around you and never include anyone in the video event or camera frame without their knowledge or permission.

Virtual Visiting Request Form

To accommodate as many requests as possible, we are encouraging families and loved ones to coordinate times you can all connect together at the same time. For example, through a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call, which allows multiple users/devices to log on simultaneously and meet together. We will do our best to help you set up an online meeting should you choose to do this.

Patient Information