Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.

Features and Highlights

Milton District Hospital Expansion

The Milton District Hospital expansion is being built to meet the increasing care needs of Canada’s fastest growing community and accommodate new technologies that are changing the way that hospital care is delivered. The expansion will provide Milton residents with improved access to the hospital services they need, close to home.

The project will add 330,000 square feet of new patient-centred space more than tripling the size of the hospital and doubling its inpatient beds from the current 63 beds to capacity for 129 beds. The number of inpatient beds in use will increase over a period of several years as the hospital ramps up to full capacity.

Features and enhancements

A new modern emergency department

Often a patient’s first experience at the hospital, the new emergency department will be four times the size of the current department and include:

  • A new triage and registration process to support improved patient flow
  • An electronic patient tracking system to manage each patient’s records from the moment they arrive
  • A dedicated ambulance entrance separate from the patient “walk-in” entrance
  • An enclosed ambulance garage with direct access to the department

A new state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging department

The new diagnostic imaging department will be three times the size of the current department.

Imaging technologies will include:

  • The addition of Milton’s first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, reducing the need for patients to travel to other hospitals for this vital service
  • The introduction of Angiography/Interventional technology and diagnostics which is an imaging technique that provides road maps that allow the Interventional Radiologist to guide instruments through the body to the areas of interest
  • Specialized imaging including mammography, ultrasound and bone density services
  • Computed Tomography (CT), fluoroscopy and general radiography (X-Ray)

A new maternal newborn department

The anticipated number of babies born at Milton District Hospital will continue to grow with the increasing number of young families moving to Milton. To accommodate this growth, the new maternal newborn unit will include:

  • Expanded capacity including nine labour birthing recovery post-partum (LBRP) rooms as well as additional post-partum rooms
  • Modern birthing rooms for an improved patient experience from labour and delivery to recovery
  • A dedicated operating room for planned and emergency caesarean sections
  • The addition of a Level 2A special care nursery with capacity for eight bassinets to care for babies who need extra support and monitoring
  • Family friendly care-by-parent teaching space

Click here for more information about the Maternal Newborn Department and view photo gallery

A new surgical services department

The expanded department will offer a range of surgical services. Enhancements within the department will include:

  • Four new state of the art operating rooms to provide a variety of specialized surgeries such as general, orthopaedic, plastic, urology  and gynaecology
  • The addition of a Procedures Unit with three new rooms to accommodate procedures such as cystoscopy and endoscopy which are currently performed in the hospital’s operating rooms
  • Space within the department for future expansion

New medical surgical inpatient units

The expansion will increase the hospital’s medical surgical inpatient capacity from one 29-bed unit to two, 36-bed units. The new units will be more patient-centred and enhance the patient experience by including:

  • Eighty per cent single-patient rooms for improved infection prevention and control and to provide increased patient privacy and a brighter healing environment
  • Touchscreen bedside monitors with options for patient access to entertainment, telephone and control of the lighting system
  • More space in the patient room with a pull-out sleeper sofa to accommodate a family member’s overnight stay with their loved one
  • Patient lounges for larger groups of family and friends to gather

A new and enhanced intensive care unit (ICU)

The new ICU will provide specialized care services for patients with a wide range of complex and rapidly changing medical, surgical and cardiac disorders. Features of the new department will include:

  • Increased capacity from six to10 beds
  • Located close to the Emergency Department and Surgical Services with convenient access to Diagnostic Imaging
  • A satellite pharmacy located within the department

Advanced technologies

New and updated technologies to support patient care will include:

  • An integrated pneumatic tube system throughout the new building with connections to areas within the original hospital will reduce the need to physically transport approved lab specimens, blood products, approved pharmaceuticals and small equipment
  • Real-time locating systems will provide the ability to track equipment and patient movement throughout the building
  • Wireless technology such as hand-held phones will be used in lieu of paging to provide a quieter environment for patients and staff
  • Patient flow systems that show patient location, status and clinician assignments as well as room status for housekeeping and admitting staff will support improved efficiency
  • Implementation of “follow me computing” will allow clinicians to move between computers by simply tapping their ID badge making it easy for busy staff and physicians to log-on, log-off, and have their applications follow them around the network
  • Closed circuit video cameras and controlled card access readers throughout the new building, to provide a safe and secure facility

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