Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


Exemplary Patient Experiences, Always.


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The "special edition" includes: We're Moving! 10 things you need to know about Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital on Dec 13, 2015; We're Getting Ready! Orientation and Training; Where is the new hospital located?; Emergency Department Changes; When you arrive at the new hospital; What will happen to the current hospital after it closes.

This issue includes: Exemplary Continuum of Care - A family's story about care received at Milton District Hospital; Staffing up for the New Oakville Hospital; State-of-the-art equipment arriving daily at the New Oakville Hospital; Ask the Expert on Asthma; Patient Letters; and other important HHS news updates

This issue includes:  NEWSFLASH - Construction starts soon on Milton District Hospital expansion project (take a virtual tour); The Navigator Program: Reaching out to children and youth in crisis; How are you sleeping?; A passion for giving back - an inspiring volunteer story; Ask the Expert on Portion Control; A patient returns to Oakville Hospital to thank the staff that saved his life; other important HHS News Updates

This issue includes: Partnering With Patients and Their Families; Providing "Exemplar" Safer Elder Care; Featuring Care by Parent Room at the New Oakville Hospital; Patient Letters; HHS News Updates; Ask The Expert on Healthy Hearts, and more!

This issue includes: Staying Healthy During The Holiday Season; HHS Commended for Innovative Capital Project Management; Accessing Diabetes Education Services With Ease; Ask The Expert on Latex Allegies; Patient Thank You Letters, and so much more!

This issue includes: Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Service Expands at New Oakville Hospital; HHS: First Canadian Healthcare Facility to Pilot Point of Care Leadership Rounding; A Celebration of Healthy Partnerships; Ask The Expert - ADHD; Inspiring Patient Letters; Bits & Bytes - Other Current News Items About HHS.

This issue includes: Piloting The Pods: Decentralizing Care to Enhance Patient Experience; New CT Scanner Enhances Quality of Care at Georgetown Hospital; SmarTrak: A Patient's Journey Through Surgery; Ask The Expert: Body Image & Teenagers; Special Feature! 2013/2014 Annual Report Now Available!; Bits & Bytes - Other Current News Items About HHS.

This issue includes: Harnessing Technology: Improving Access to Healthcare; Your Mammogram Could Save Your Life; HHS Appoints New President & CEO; Ask The Expert: Is Measles Making a Comeback?; Patient Story on nurse who underwent a liver transplant; Current News Items About HHS.

This issue includes: Farewell to John Oliver, Retiring After 24 Years of Service; At The Forefront of Technology: Sialendoscopy; Your New Oakville Hospital; Ask The Expert: Substitute Decision Making; Patient Story: Dialysis From Home; Bits & Bytes - Summary of recent HHS Announcements

This issue includes:  How Electronic Devices Are Impacting Our Children; Blood Pressure - Do You Know Your Numbers; Milton District Hospital Construction Updates; Ask The Expert: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); Patient Stories; Bits & Bytes - Summary of recent HHS announcements

This issue includes: Hustle & Bustle: Coping With Holiday Stress; HHS Accredited With Exemplary Standing; Construction Updates on Oakville, Milton, and Georgetown Hospitals; HHS CEO John Oliver Announces His Retirement; Ask The Expert: Healthy Holiday Eating; Celebrating Our Achievements in Patient Safety & Quality Care; Patient Stories; Bits & Bytes - Summary of recent HHS announcements

This issue includes:  The Future of Milton Hospital Unveiled; New Emergency Department at Georgetown Hospital Opening Soon; Mental Health Awareness Week; HHS Welcomes Three Paediatricians to Milton; Ask The Expert: The Myths of the Flu Shot; Spotlight on ConnectCare Response Service; Bits & Bytes - Summary of recent HHS announcements

Our First new and improved issue includes: HHS Launches New Website & Social Media Channels; HHS Opens New Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic at Oakville Hospital; New Appointments to the HHS Board of Directors; Construction Update of New Oakville Hospital, Spotlight: Sharon Norris, Vice-President, Human Resources Planning and Organizational Development;  Spotlight: Breast Imaging Technology

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